12 Essentials you Will Need in an Emergency Shelter

Emergencies are always unpredictable. You never know when you will end up into an emergency. So, it is always the best idea to keep ready for your emergency bag. If you are living in an area where floods, earthquakes, and wildfires happen most, then you should always prepare your mind for evacuation. It is always better to be self-sufficient with your emergency stuff. You should not rely on others. Emergency personnel tries to do their best to provide you every necessary thing and make you comfortable in the shelter homes but it is far better if you have your emergency essentials with you.

You will be more comfortable in emergency shelters if you have all the personal stuff with you. So, you should ready your suitcase or a bag all the time with some emergency essentials. If you have ready to go suitcase in your car, you can easily evacuate to the shelter comfortably. You can save you and your loved ones certainly if you can move in a shelter during an emergency quickly. So, it is always a good idea to keep your emergency stuff ready and pack. Now, the question is what are the most important thongs to carry with you during an emergency. The most important 12 essentials which will help you in surviving are written below:

Emergency Bedding:

In the market, there are many brands, selling emergency bedding which includes pillows, sleeping bags, and blanket. If you do not want to buy your emergency bedding, you can bring these things from your own home.

Reclining Lawn Lounger:

In an emergency shelter, it is highly possible that they will not provide you a cot. So, you will need a reclining lawn lounger. You can bring with you a folding chair.


You should pack rubber flip-flops in your suitcase. You cannot go anywhere barefoot. So, bring rubber flip-flops with you. Keep in mind pack 3 0r 4 pairs of flip-flops according to the shoe size of your family members.

Towels and Bathrobes:

You will need towels and bathrobes, as you will have to stay in shelters for 3 or more than 3 days. Keep washcloths with you.

Toilet paper and Paper Towels:

In an emergency shelter, you will need toilet papers. You need to bring a full roll or an entire package of toilet roll. Bring paper towels with you if you have kids in your family.


Medicines are the most important thing you need to bring with you. If you have a serious patient in your families like diabetes or heart patient, you need to bring their medicines must. Else, you need to pack pain killers, aspirin and a first-aid kit in your suitcase.

Earplugs and Eye-Mask:

Usually, in emergency shelters, the light is always on. So, you need to bring eye-masks for you and family members. Also, earplugs are important for you to bring.

Solar Cell Phone Charger:

 Solar chargers are the most important things to keep your cell phones on.


Keep emergency radio with you so can hear news all the time.


Pack torch lights in your bags and new cells for your torch.

Dehydrated meals:

Bring readymade meals with you. Buy dehydrated meals for any emergency.


Do not leave your pets behind. Bring your pets and their supplies with you.

What is a Powdered Egg?

Well! Many hikers, survivalists, campers, and preppers are familiar with powdered eggs. But for those who do not know about this word, let me tell you. Powdered eggs are dehydrated eggs which can easily turn into powder and then you can store them easily. We can say this is the alternation of fresh eggs. Though fresh eggs are tasty and rich in protein, you cannot bring fresh eggs along with you if you are going on hiking or camping. You can use these powdered eggs instead of fresh eggs. This will also give you the necessary protein for your daily diet. However, powdered eggs cannot replace the taste of fresh eggs but give you enough protein. It is tough to bring fresh eggs with you while hiking or camping. You cannot store fresh eggs for a long time. They will get spoil after a day because you need a proper cooling system for fresh eggs. Anyhow, you can store fresh eggs easily and use them without the fear of spoiling.

Benefits of Powdered Eggs

However, dehydrated eggs, I mean powdered eggs are fully safe to eat while traveling or camping. Just because these are dehydrated eggs, they can last for a longer span of time. You do not have to worry about the powdered eggs. They do not get spoil. In fact, if you store powdered eggs in an airtight container and in a cool place, they can last for a decade at least. So, you need to store your powdered eggs in a container which is properly sealed. Another plus point of powdered eggs is you can pack them comfortably in your backpack. You can make scrambled eggs any time and also mix your powdered eggs with any liquid. If you want to make a protein shake for you, you can easily make your shake with powdered eggs. You can mix salt, and milk in the powdered eggs to make scrambled eggs. They will give you almost the same taste just like the fresh eggs. Also, they are good in protein. If you are diet conscious person, you do not have to compromise protein in your daily diet.

Varieties in Powdered Eggs

Even in powdered eggs, there is variety. Different brands offer different kinds of powdered eggs. Like, some brands offer powdered eggs which are made up of both yolks and egg white. Some companies offer powdered eggs which are made up of egg white. And some companies prepare powdered eggs with only yolks. So, it is up to you what you prefer. You can buy powdered eggs according to your need and diet plan. Actually, many restaurants use powdered eggs. As, they are easy to store in every weather, especially in summer. Powdered eggs give the same taste as fresh eggs. Although, powdered eggs are far cheaper as compared to fresh eggs. Also, they can last for a longer time as compared to fresh eggs. Since they are in different variety, you can easily choose the powdered eggs according to your taste and diet. If you do not like egg white, you can buy powdered eggs made up of yolks and vice versa.

Rich in Protein

Many people think that they are artificially made, so they are not good for health. Honestly, you are wrong. Powdered eggs are rich in protein and safe for health. Though many brands add some extra flavor in powdered eggs, this flavor cannot kill the protein in them. You can easily transport powdered eggs. If you are going camping or hiking, these are safe to carry. However, you can safely use powdered eggs at home and store in a sealed container and at a cool place.